Suzy Landa Jewelry

Suzy Landa Jewelry are one of a kind designs are handcrafted in New York City. Using 18k gold, diamond, and gemstone collections that inspiration is to be worn, not stored.

Suzy Landa’s collection reflects a love of mid-century design, art and architecture: Symmetric but soft shapes, clean lines, subtle details; statement pieces without the “fuss.” Jewelry that marries an old world air with a modern flair. Reliance on warm gold alloys and a satin finish in order to highlight the gems rather than the metal allows those stones to take center stage. In many cases, the resulting pieces are one-of-a-kind.

Suzy Landa designs for a woman who favor timeless statement pieces over disposable, only temporarily “hot” ones. She is confident in her own sense of style, doesn’t follow “mainstream” fashion, and knows what she loves the moment she sees it. She expects to love her pieces in 10 years as much as she does on that first day. Suzy Landa believes that the “classics” she creates for today’s collectors will be valued by future generations.

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