Jewelry Repair Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

The jewelry pieces you own are more than just ornaments you wear, as they hold memories, your signature style, or family history. In fact, they can be well-treasured investments or priceless heirlooms. It’s no surprise that fine jewelry is vulnerable to wear and tear, so ensure to have them well-checked annually by trusted jewelers. For everything your jewelry pieces mean to you, Lotus Jewelers offers top-notch services to maintain your jewelry sparkles and shines for a lifetime.

When jewelry repair needs arise, get in touch with us to avail reliable services and understand the jewelry repair process, so you know exactly what your valuable pieces are undergoing.

Routine Jewelry Inspections

Usually, people don’t think about getting their jewelry inspected until something goes wrong, but daily wear and tear on your valuable pieces is imminent. For example, rings, the most liable part of a ring usually is its prongs. They are vulnerable to bumps or snagging on clothes that can, in turn, loosen them. We believe replacing a valuable gem is a lot more expensive than fixing a flawed prong.

Moreover, damaged jewelry is not always noticeable to everyday wearers. That’s why we recommend getting your jewelry pieces checked and inspected at least every six to seven months to ensure they stay in top-tier condition. At Lotus Jewelers, our well-skilled professionals possess a trained set of eyes for examining jewelry pieces from nook and crook and magnifying devices to help detect unnoticeable problems to the naked eye.

Common Jewelry Repair Problems

When it comes to excellent jewelry repair, the repaired area has the same quality, color, appearance, and luster as the rest of the piece. Your jewelry won’t have:

  • No noticeable seams from soldering and cutting, such as in rings or chain repair.
  • No rough hammering or other machine marks are visible.
  • No loose stones as they will be tight and well-secured in their settings (prongs, channel, etc.).

We at Lotus Jewelers strive to offer top-quality jewelry repair services like ring sizing, wedding jewelry repair, diamond jewelry repair, gold jewelry repair, watch repairs, restraining, and more. Our professionally skilled and certified team of goldsmiths, silversmiths, and watchmakers can handle possibly any task and will aim to deliver excellent care to restore and repair your fine jewelry.

Jewelry Repair Process

  • Acquire A Quote

Our skilled jewelry repair team will strive to decide which repairs are covered by a service plan or warranty. We further take ‘before’ pictures and send your valuable item to our design & service center.

  • Repair By Professionals

Next, your jewelry pieces will be inspected and repaired by our trusted master craftsmen, who are well-trained in restoring pieces with meticulous attention to small details.

  • Return to Clients

Once the final polish and inspection are completed, you will be notified via email or text message when it’s ready to be picked up.

  • Review the Before & After

When you arrive to pick your jewelry, you’ll be shown ‘before’ pictures to review the changes. It allows you to confirm the repair services were thoroughly finished and ensures utmost satisfaction.

Maintain Your Jewelry’s Beauty and Life With Us

Every jewelry repair service that we provide at Lotus Jewelers is meant to help you preserve the utmost value, elegance, and life of your precious pieces. We aim to deliver the top quality services and assist customers with the upkeep of these valuable items. Our repair services are incomparable, as we work to provide only the best backed up by certified and friendly staff.

In addition to custom made services, we offer a variety of jewelry repair services in Highlands Ranch, contributing to our brand as a full service jewelry company.

Our Services Include:

  • Bridal Collection from ANCORA Designs, Mark Patterson, and Steven Kretchmer– All Handcrafted in USA
  • Diamonds & Precious Stones Jewelry in Platinum, Gold and Silver
  • Custom Jobs & Jewelry Repairs done on premises
  • Appraisals by a GIA Certified Graduate Gemologist
  • Watch Repairs & Batteries by a 2nd Generation Watch Maker